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Moringa Honey


Honey Panda Moringa honey is a mono-floral honey collected by bees from the Moringa flowers. Moringa honey is a natural anti oxidant,detox agent & anti inflammatory. Moringa honey is called as “mahariahi honey” in ayurveda.

The qualities of honey as described in ayurveda

  • helps in obesity (Medohara)
  • Helps in diabetes & Urinary tract infections (Meha)
  • Goods for Eyes (Chakshusya)
  • Improve Appetite & digestion (Agnideepanam)
  • Good for Heart (Hrudya)


Directions of Use

one or two teaspoons of honey in a cup of warm water is a refreshing & strengthening drink. Can be taken daily (Pathyal) preferably in the morning.

Honey is tissue building properties, it provides energy and heat to the body, all three things are good for old age.


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